Whirlpool Systems

6 Jet Chrome Whirlpool System
8 Jet Chrome Whirlpool System

Made here in the UK by Wizard these baths are designed to give an amazing hydrotherapy experience at the best possible price. Comes supplied with pneumatic on/off button and adjustable air control to add a little more power when needed.

6 Jet Chrome Whirlpool System with LED lit Jets
8 Jet Chrome Whirlpool System with LED lit Jets

These fantastic LED lit systems are again designed and manufactured here by Wizard, each jet has its own multi coloured LED inside meaning the whole bath lights up and you can set the colour you desire or let the colours continually rotate. Lights are controlled by their own luxury electronic on/off button in black and silver.

Mini Whirlpool foot/back Jets (each)s

Relieve the stress away from your feet or lower back by adding these smaller but powerful directional jets to your whirlpool system

Air Spa Systems

10 Jet Chrome Air Spa System

These luxury air spa systems have a great chromed pepper pot design and built in non-return valves in each air spa jet. All Wizard air spas have adjustable multi speed blowers with a self cleaning purge feature as standard and are operated using a pneumatic on/off button.

Additional Air Spa Jets (each)

Want more jets on your air spa system? Add as many of these as you like to create your perfect bath

Upgrades and Extras

Electronic Touchpad Control Upgrade
(for dual systems)

Upgrade your system with our luxury electronic touchpad. Replaces multiple pneumatic buttons and allows you to control your whirlpool/airspa and lights from one simple panel. These controls can also adjust the blower speed and come supplied with a low water sensor, meaning that the system will not operate without there being sufficient water in the bath.

1.5kw Inline Whirlpool Heater

The addition of this great heater to any whirlpool bath will reduce the cooling time of your bath water and allow you to enjoy your soak that much longer!

LED Rim Lighting

This great rim lighting system gives you 12 pin point multicoloured LED lights placed just below the top lip of the bath. The lights can be controlled to either stay on a selected colour or to rotate through the whole spectrum!

Chromatherapy Light

This fantastic lamp can be set to any colour in the spectrum or to continually rotate through them and is designed to relaxed the bather.